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Hearing aids and Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms allow the hearing aid to analyze the user interface and incoming sounds, recognize sounds and specific voices, and automatically adjust the sound based on the level of hearing loss and the user's default preferences. The hearing aid learns to recognize specific voices so that it can focus on familiar ones, which reduces the need for a user to make manual adjustments throughout the day.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the biggest changes we now see in the new hearing aids. These provide a more personalized listening experience. Artificial intelligence allows a machine to simulate human behavior, and machine learning is an aspect of it, allowing the handset device to automatically learn from what it has encountered in the past.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning also make the use of a hearing aid much easier for people who are not comfortable with technology, do not want to play with a smartphone application or prefer not to visit an audiologist often to schedule updates or adjustments.

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