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Sonova Launches SilentCloud, a Subscription-Based Tinnitus Management App

Sonova has introduced SilentCloud, a self-paced subscription-based medical app designed to empower patients to manage their tinnitus symptoms, often characterized as "ringing in the ears." The new app can be used at home and it incorporates scientifically validated approaches for tinnitus management with trained hearing care experts for guidance.

Tinnitus affects 10% to 15% of the adult population and 20% of those affected experience it as bothersome, or even debilitating, requiring clinical intervention.1 About 4 out of 5 people with tinnitus also experience some degree of hearing loss.2

Even though there is currently no cure for it, there are many approaches that can relieve the burden of tinnitus. Recommendations for tinnitus management include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)2 that can be combined with sound therapies, education, and counseling.

“SilentCloud is a subscription-based medical app which will empower patients to manage their tinnitus symptoms from the comfort of their own home while being guided by one of our trained hearing care experts,“ says Christophe Fond, Group Vice President Audiological Care at Sonova. “By providing options for managing a co-existing medical need, the app will support Sonova’s strategic goal to reach more people with hearing loss and to engage with them earlier in their hearing care journey.”

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