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Meet the newest custom styles on the Blu platform. With InseraTM ITEs, you don’t have to miss out on the sounds of adventure. Because no matter the journey, the personalized fit of Insera is right there with you – immersing you in sound along the way. Amazing experiences come out of the Blu.

There is no one size fits all ears approach to hearing. Meet Insera

Offering flexibility and allowing for choice of size, function and features based on your needs and preferences, Insera ITEs provide:

  • A custom design to fit your ears.

  • Multiple sizes and styles, including our smallest, most discreet hearing aids on the Blu portfolio.

  • A personalized hearing experience by providing the size and features that best meets your needs and preferences.

  • A good solution for you when dexterity needs to be considered.

Hear how you want, when you want

The 312 wireless model features connectivity to Bluetooth enabled devices, giving you a more personal, one-of-a-kind listening experience.

  • Made For All Bluetooth connectivity for streaming and hands-free phone calls.

  • Blu platform provides easy connections to all kinds of favorite tech.*

  • Easy personalization in the moment so you can hear how you want, when you want.*

  • Performance Tracking Experience Innovations, identifies and logs data in seven distinct listening environments.

  • Collects data on listening environment complexity and directional listening.

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