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Unitron Introduces Blu Hearing Aid Platform, Powered by Sonova PRISM Chip

Adapting to each hearing aid wearer’s unique experiences and lifestyle, Unitron introduces Blu, an innovative new platform designed to “keep up with the complexity of everyday life”.

Powered by the new Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-Time Intelligent Sound Management) chip and Unitron’s powerful new signal processing system Integra OS, “Blu delivers an adaptable, personalized and freeing hearing experience like never before. Integra OS optimizes the listening experience to each specific situation from highly complex to very quiet, so you can follow the day where it leads”.

With Blu and the mobile phone app, you are able to temporarily boost clarity and comfort within the automatic program. For special circumstances you can also select from up to 6 optional pre-set programs which they can further adjust to enhance speech, reduce noise or focus the microphones all to meet your unique lifestyle needs.

Using Made-For-All technology allows for easy connectivity. Compatible with Bluetooth products, Blu allows you to interact seamlessly with your favorite devices.

With the new tap control, Blu can access virtual assistants, accept and end calls, as well as pause and play media while connected simultaneously to two Bluetooth devices, all with a double-tap to the side of the ear.

In total, you can pair up to eight devices, including both Android and Apple phones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices.

The new Moxi™ Blu family has been redesigned for additional wearing comfort and ease of use, and includes two lithium-ion rechargeable models. With Unitron’s Remote Plus app, you can maximize your hearing experience with in-app reminders and contextual how-to’s designed to seamlessly familiarize you to the new technology.

A no-commitment trial period with all Moxi Blu hearing instruments also ensures you have peace of mind while selecting the right device for your needs.

“Confidence in not only the product, but in one’s ability to embrace life’s spontaneity and take in every experience from one moment to the next is vital.”

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