If you have a noticeable to significant hearing loss, and are looking for a Completely-In-Canal solution then the Nano2 might be the right solution for you. 
The Nano2 is a tiny and discreet low-priced CIC digital hearing aid. It comes equipped with a digital processor to provide you the clearest sound possible. The Nano 2 uses digital noise reduction technology, which will enhance speech understanding in conversations. 
It also comes with a Low Battery Warning so you will never be caught unprepared. The Power-on Delay feature will allow you plenty of time to adjust and fit into your ear, so you get the best possible sound quality.


Hearing aid info :

- Multichannel digital
- Nano-Technology
- Programmable via the PC
- Volume control (Optional)
- Super boost speaker
- 3 Years Warranty
- 7 Years support and maintenance
- 1 Year of free batteries
- Free wax filters
- Free magnetic cleaning tool
- Free antistatic special cleaning 
- Free shockproof case


Nano 2 Invisible Hearing Aid