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It is my self smiling. The text says : Amazing customer service and great experience. Andreas Ellinides a hearing aid specialist.

Vs our competitors

  1. We always bring you the latest technology.

  2. We always keep the costs down to the minimum.

  3. Our hearing aids are made by the leading manufacturer in Europe. (Unitron, Sonova)

  4. We are the only ones that offer a 3 years local and International warranty.

  5. With every hearing aid you get a FREE insurance against fire, theft and accidental damage for one year.

  6. Fastest repair service 24hour (Not days or months)

  7. 24 hour online support and consultation.

  8. Low cost hearing aids available from €400.00

  9. True wireless hearing aids.

  10. Bluetooth hearing aids.

  11. Rechargeable hearing aids.

  12. Superb service and customer support.

  13. Friendly environment and approach.

  14. Last and best, Mr. Andreas Ellinides the CEO of the company has a 22 years experience to the field with continuous training.


Hearing aid devices need a lifetime support. Make sure you purchase your hearing aid from where you live and have your hearing professional as close as possible to your place.

Before buying a hearing aid make sure you will have the absolute best technical support because whatever you spend on a hearing aid will worth nothing if you don't get the right after sale service.

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