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Sophisticated hearing aid technology for everyone. Affordability shouldn’t be a barrier to helping clients hear more clearly and comfortably. “At Cyprus hearing aids, we believe everyone should be able to access advanced hearing care that helps them enjoy a better quality of life. We’re proud to offer advanced technology never before seen in basic category hearing instruments to help the growing global demand.”


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20 Years of Expertise in the field of hearing aids.


Cutting-edge digital technology and specialised expertise allow the Cyprus hearing aids  company to take a leading position in this sector in the Cyprus market. Ellinides Hearing Centres is a partner network of the two largest organisations in Cyprus – Hearing Centres Chris Oto Medicare in Limassol and Otoakoustiki hearing centres in Nicosia. Partnerships with leading companies that specialise in solutions to hearing problems provide the company with the broadest access to new technologies, as well as increase the number of offered services and products.


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