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Experience the impact of 
hearing care

At Otoakoustiki, we're driven by a commitment to unparalleled, top-notch local care in the world of hearing solutions. With us, you won't just receive ongoing care, but a partnership dedicated to your auditory well-being. Unlike larger institutions that might push sales through inexperienced staff, our practice is led by the expert professional and owner, Andreas Ellinides. This ensures that every client receives direct, knowledgeable, and genuine care. We're here to guide you every step of the way and our legacy of patient satisfaction stands testament to our approach.


Believe in a world where high-quality hearing care doesn't empty your pockets. At Otoakoustiki, we're dedicated to ensuring everyone enjoys the sounds of life with solutions that fit both needs and budgets. Embrace clear conversations, cherish shared laughter, and rediscover the soundtrack of your life with us.

Accessible Hearing for All

Rediscover sound clarity with Otoakoustiki

Dive into an unmatched auditory experience with Otoakoustiki. We proudly offer an extended 60-day trial period, so you can be certain of your choice. And should you face any challenges, rely on our stellar support, swift local repairs, and our unmatched three-year warranty. We also provide free insurance against loss or damage, ensuring your peace of mind. At Otoakoustiki, we don't just provide hearing aids; we deliver trust, commitment, and top-tier service, making sure you're covered every step of the way.

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What to expect at your first appointment.

Embarking on your journey to improved hearing starts with just one appointment at Otoakoustiki. Our dedicated and caring professionals are eager to welcome you and guide you on your path to clearer days.


Before your first visit, kindly ensure you've had an ear examination and an audiometry test conducted by an ENT doctor. This not only smoothens your initial experience with us but also ensures we can provide you with the best tailored solutions from the get-go.


We can't wait to meet you and support you on your hearing journey!

Our Services


Hearing Aids 
and local repairs

Our range of cutting-edge hearing aids offers solutions tailored to your unique needs. Experience clear, quality sound and elevate your daily interactions.



Protect & Perfect: Whether you're looking to shield against noise, water, or need specialized plugs for shooting and hunting, our custom earplugs offer unmatched protection and comfort.



Enhance & Maintain your hearing aid: From batteries and filters to loud vibrating alarms and more, find all you need to optimize your hearing aid's performance and extend its life. Ensure your device is always at its best.

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