About Ellinides Hearing Centres

20 Years of Experience


The company Ellinides Hearing Centres has more than 20 years of experience in the supply and distribution of hearing aids and medical devices in Cyprus.

Cutting-edge digital technology and specialised expertise allow the our company to take a leading position in this sector in the Cyprus market. Ellinides Hearing Centres is a partner network of the two largest hearing companies in Cyprus – Hearing Centers Chris Oto Medicare Ltd an  and OtoAkoustiki hearing centers Ltd.

Partnerships with leading companies that specialize in solutions to hearing problems provide the company with the broadest access to new technologies, as well as increase the number of offered services and products.

Why Ellinides Hearing Centres?


The company Ellinides Hearing Centres provides modern and fully-equipped hearing centres in Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos offering high-quality services to efficiently address the problem of hearing loss for clients of all ages and all types of hearing impairement.

All health centres are served by experienced and qualified personnel and equipped with the latest technology that allows the specific needs of customers to be fulfilled and at a competitive price.


“I am not a customer yet but I will be

Excellent service and support at no cost.”

Ian Johnson


“Have been their customer for 10 years now

and I am not changing . I love my hearing aids and I always have the best support”

Gisella Martin


“They know well their job. I am a very happy customer for years now and they never let me down. Their aftermarket support is brilliant”

Ivan Bogarde