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Government Fund for hearign  aids in Cyprus

Scheme for Subsidizing Hearing Aids in Cyprus (Latest update  : 24/08/2023)

Eligible Categories and Funding Amounts:

  • (1) Children born deaf or those who develop deafness up to the age of 10:


Eligible for up to €1000 per hearing aid, every four years until they reach 18.

The medical prescription must indicate "born deaf" by the ENT specialist.

Previous funding does not prove congenital deafness; medical records are required.


  • (2) Adults born deaf or those who developed deafness up to the age of 10:


Eligible for up to €750 per hearing aid, every five years.

The process for these adults is the same as for other applicants, requiring a medical prescription and audiogram.

  • Individuals over the age of 65:


Eligible for up to €350 for hearing aid purchase, every five years.


  • Adults with practical deafness (those who cannot benefit from speech development and can use super power hearing aids for partial environmental sound perception):


Eligible for up to €340 per hearing aid.

These aids function mainly as warning aids, similar to visual aids for safety reasons.


  • Individuals with specialized problems:


The Minister of Health will decide on the funding amount and method based on recommendations from relevant services.


Applicants must follow the prescribed procedure and attach a cover letter to the Minister of Health with a full description and documentation of their request.


General Clarifications:

  • For categories 1 and 2, all necessary documents must be submitted to the ENT specialist to prove that the condition existed before the age of 10.


  • The medical prescription and recommendation should bear the indication "born deaf" from the ENT specialist. No other statement or reference is acceptable.

  • Previous funding does not prove congenital deafness, as they are not accompanied by the patient's medical file or any other evidence.

  • Medical and Public Service Departments do not keep medical records of applicants.

In cases where the applicant claims but does not adequately prove congenital deafness, the application will not be accepted and will be returned.

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