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The Power of Discretion Meets Cutting-Edge Tech


Discover the transformative experience of the quiX G6 hearing aid, where cutting-edge technology meets the ultimate in design discretion. Dive into the key features that make this device stand out:


  • Discreet by Design: Crafted to sit invisibly within the auditory canal, quiX G6 offers you an almost hidden solution to hearing assistance.

  • Advanced G6 Technology: Experience unparalleled hearing comfort and sound clarity. The G6 platform identifies various hearing situations and intuitively adjusts to them, ensuring you always have the best auditory experience.

  • Instant Fit with Click Sleeves: Say goodbye to waiting times typical with other in-the-ear devices. The soft-silicone Click Sleeves, available in four sizes, make sure the quiX G6 fits most ears instantly and comfortably.

  • Optimal Positioning: With microphones located inside the ear canal, phone calls and music listening become more natural. Whether you're jamming to your favorite tunes with over-ear headphones or catching up on a call, quiX G6 ensures clarity and convenience.

  • Tech Specs at a Glance:

    • Receiver with state-of-the-art dual-chamber technology.
    • Battery size 10 in a standard CIC housing.
    • Signal processing boasts 8 independent digital channels.
    • A suite of 4 diverse hearing programs tailored to your environment.


  • Seamless Connectivity & Control:

    • Wirelessly synchronize binaurally with AudioLink.
    • Gain control with the dedicated Audio Service App and the handy Remote Control Smart Key.


  • Enhanced Signal Processing:

    • Revolutionary Anti-Feedback system.
    • Noise Manager with adaptive noise reduction and auto-situation adaptation.
    • AudioTronic multi-microphone system ensures sound clarity in any situation.


  • Personalized to Your Environment: With features like Acclimatic and HighRes Comformatic, the quiX G6 adapts to your surroundings, offering you the best sound quality, wherever you are.



Take the leap into a world where advanced technology meets intuitive design. Choose the quiX G6 – because you deserve to hear the world in all its brilliance. Secure, discreet, and powerful – it's hearing redefined.


Call Otoakoustiki at 700 700 40 for a free trial.

quiX G6 Advanced Hearing Aid

SKU: Q3101
850,00 €Τιμή
  • The price is for one hearing aid device

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