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Choosing the Right Jabra Hearing Aid in 2024

Jabra enhance mobile application

In selecting the perfect hearing aid, it's crucial to consider your personal hearing needs and lifestyle. Jabra's diverse range of hearing aids caters to various levels of hearing loss and user preferences. Whether you're tech-savvy or seeking professional guidance, Jabra offers a fitting solution.

1. Jabra Enhance Select Series - Versatility at Its Best

The Jabra Enhance Select series offers models for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. These receiver-in-canal (RIC) aids balance advanced technology with comfort.

  • Enhance Select 50: Priced at approximately €1,130–€1,320 per pair, this model is ideal for quieter environments, featuring disposable batteries and basic sound technology.

  • Enhance Select 100: Around €1,415–€1,605 per pair, it offers rechargeable batteries and improved noise reduction, suitable for more varied environments.

  • Enhance Select 300: For about €1,700–€1,890 per pair, it's the premium choice with advanced sound clarity, adaptive processing, and hands-free calling with specific iPhones.

2. Jabra Enhance Plus - The Modern, Discreet Alternative

The Jabra Enhance Plus, priced around €755 per pair, offers a discreet, modern solution for mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These in-the-ear (ITE) aids feature a self-fitting design, adjustable via the Jabra Enhance app, but are currently compatible only with iOS devices.

3. Jabra Enhance Pro - Professional Fitting Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

The Jabra Enhance Pro series, available at Costco and starting at about €1,515 per pair, combines professional fitting with advanced technology, ideal for those seeking top-tier tech with professional support.

4. Autonomy in Personalization

Jabra's hearing aids offer user control through the Jabra Enhance app, ideal for those comfortable with technology and personal device adjustments.

5. Emphasizing Your Choice

Choose a hearing aid that reflects your daily life and hearing needs. From the versatile Enhance Select series to the discreet Enhance Plus and the professionally-supported Enhance Pro, Jabra ensures your hearing aid enriches your life's auditory experiences.


In 2024, Jabra continues to innovate in hearing aid technology. Whether seeking an OTC solution or a professionally fitted device, Jabra provides options for your unique hearing journey.


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