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Unfortunately flying is not always an enjoyable experience due to inner ear pain caused by pressure changes and general cabin noise.


Electronic noise cancelling headphones can be useful, however they don’t surpress all sounds and these devices consume a lot of battery power.


Crescendo Fly 20 ear plugs are pressure regulating flying ear plugs designed specifically for flying.
Using filters designed by Dynamic Ear Company, their advanced membrane technology reduces background noise allowing you a peacefull and comfortable time on board.


These membranes also regulate the air pressure during take-off and landing, slowing down the rate of pressure change between the ear and cabin.


Crescendo Fly ear plugs are not electronic, so they can be used throughout the flight.


Benefits Crescendo Fly 20 Ear Plugs:

• Improves pressure regulation in the ear
• Improves speech clarity
• Reduces cabin noise
• Reduces engine noise
• Can be worn throughout the flight

• Acoustic filters are 100% acoustically tested
• Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh
• Minimum occlusion


Crescendo Fly includes 2 sizes of ear plugs ensuring it provides the best fit in all sizes of ear. The included small tip also makes Fly suitable for children age 6+.




Crescendo Fly 20 in ear pressure regulation earplugs

SKU: 108-3113
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