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Using patented impulse filter technology developed by Dynamic Ear Company, Crescendo Shooting reduces peak sound pressure, produced by automatic fire and single gun shots, artillery fire and explosions.


Developed for military use and used by NATO soldiers and law enforcers, the Crescendo Shooting filter is ANSI IPIL certified for impulse noise up to 166 dB where it provides 33 dB of attenuation, ensuring optimum protection from the highest levels of impulse sound.

When sound peaks are not present Crescendo Shooting provides low attenuation of ambient sounds, ensuring voice and background noise can be heard whilst maintaining sound directionality with the minimum occlusion effect.


By allowing air into the ear to reduce ear canal irritation, the wearer retains sound directionality and spatiality, critical in hunting and combat situations. Combined with its small size and comfortable medical grade TPE ear plugs it is ideal for all day use, fitting unobtrusively under communications headsets or earmuffs.


Benefits Crescendo Shooting 20 Ear Plugs:

• Reduces impulsive noises created by explosions and (automatic) gunfire
• Retains sound directionality and spatiality
• Suitable for shooting practice, hunting and in combat situations

Benefits Crescendo Ear Plugs:

• Protected and still being able to communicate and hear the surroundings.
• Helps prevent hearing damage
• 100% Acoustically tested
• Natural sound and ventilation of the ear because of wide filter aperture with sound damping mesh
• Minimum occlusion


Crescendo Shooting 20

Crescendo Shooting 20

SKU: SH0025
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