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Elevate your auditory experience with the latest innovation in hearing aids: the BTE DUO, now powered by groundbreaking G6 technology. This mini-BTE hearing system, equipped with a robust lithium-ion battery, offers an unprecedented combination of performance and convenience, ensuring you never miss a beat in life's soundtrack.


  • Versatile Design, Personalized Style: Crafted for a range of hearing losses, the DUO Li-Ion boasts a sleek, new housing design available in 10 vibrant colors. Whether you prefer an open or closed fitting, this hearing aid adapts seamlessly to your needs and style.


  • Advanced Technology for Unmatched Clarity: Experience crystal-clear sound quality with features like the AudioTronic multi-microphone system, offering adaptive, automatic, and directional hearing modes. The innovative Wiener filter and adaptive noise reduction ensure superior sound clarity, even in challenging environments.


  • Intuitive User Experience: Simplify your life with programmable rocker switches and automatic functions like Acclimatic, HighRes Comformatic, and Comfort365, all designed to optimize your hearing experience effortlessly.


  • Stay Connected, Stay in Control: Embrace the digital age with options like the Audio Service App, Smart Mic Audiostreamer, and Smart Transmitter 2.4. With the Smart Key Remote Control and compulsory Smart Li-Ion Power, you're always in command of your auditory world.


  • Robust Technical Features: Benefit from state-of-the-art technical capabilities including Data Logging, 16 signal processing channels, 8 MPO channels, 4 hearing programs, and 8 AGC channels. The IP 68 certification ensures durability and longevity.


  • Wireless Freedom: Enjoy seamless connectivity with features like AudioLink, binaural synchronization, and direct audio streaming, keeping you connected to your devices and your world.


In every moment, every conversation, and every sound, the BTE DUO with G6 technology is more than a hearing aid – it's your gateway to a world of vivid, clear, and effortless hearing. Embrace the future of auditory excellence today.

DUO G6 Rechargeable Hearing Aid

  • The price is for one hearing aid device

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