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Refine Your Audio Experience with Our Custom Ear Impression Service:

An ear impression is the foundational blueprint for any custom-fit in-ear product, and the final quality of these products is intrinsically linked to the precision of the impression. Our service meticulously captures every detail of your ear, ensuring a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort for your custom earpieces.


Innovative Laser Scanning for Precision: We offer an optional advanced laser scanning service to digitize your ear impression. This state-of-the-art technology transforms the physical impression into a precise digital record. This digitalization not only preserves the integrity of the impression but also facilitates the swift and secure transmission of your unique ear profile to the lab for manufacturing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the creation of your custom product.


Durability of Ear Impressions: It's important to note that the physical ear impressions have a usability lifespan. They remain accurate for up to 6 months before they begin to degrade or change shape. To guarantee the best results for your custom earpieces, we recommend utilizing the impressions within this timeframe or opting for our digital record service for prolonged preservation.


The Impression Process: Our skilled technicians create an ear impression by gently injecting a specialized impression material into your ear canal and external ear areas, including the concha and helix. This process is designed to be comfortable, safe, and highly effective, ensuring an exact replica of your ear's unique contours.


Choose our professional ear impression service for a flawless, custom-fit audio experience. With our optional digital scanning, your custom earpieces are just a scan away, promising precision, convenience, and lasting quality.

Ear impressions

  • The price includes one ear impression. 

    Delivery time : Same day.

  • In addition to our standard ear impression service, we offer an advanced laser scanning option for those seeking an even higher level of precision. This cutting-edge process involves scanning your ear impression with a laser scanner, creating a highly accurate digital record of your ear's unique shape. Opting for this service adds an additional fee of €10, but it provides significant benefits. The digital record not only ensures the utmost accuracy in the manufacturing of your custom product but also allows for easy and secure digital storage and transmission of your ear profile to the lab. This added layer of precision and convenience ensures that your custom-fit earpieces are produced to the highest standards, tailored perfectly to your individual needs.

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