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Overview Introducing our top-quality Genuine Cerustop Filters / Wax Guards, designed to enhance your hearing aid experience. These versatile filters are compatible with a wide range of hearing aid brands including Phonak, Widex, Unitron, Hansaton, Audioservice, Signia, and Resound, making them suitable for both RICs (Receiver-in-Canal) and CICs (Completely-in-Canal) types.


Compatibility and Assistance Unsure about compatibility with your hearing aid? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our experts are ready to assist you in determining if your device uses Cerustop filters. Please note: Cerustop filters are distinct from Cerushield filters. For precise compatibility, consult your audiologist or share your hearing aid model with us for tailored advice.


Package Contents This special offer includes 100 pieces of Cerustop filters and two ergonomic holders, engineered for easy removal and installation of the filters.


User Instructions

  • Removal of Old Wax Guard:

    • Remove your hearing aid and clean off any visible wax.
    • Use the holder’s hook end to gently engage the used wax guard, ensuring contact with the guard's edge.
    • Pull it straight out, avoiding twisting or prying motions.
  • Installation of New Wax Guard:

    • Flip the holder to the end with the new wax guard.
    • Gently and straightly insert it into the hearing aid's receiver, taking care not to exert excessive force.
    • Ensure the wax guard's outer ring aligns properly with the receiver opening.
    • Pull the holder out in a straight motion, leaving the new wax guard securely in place.


Post-Installation Check After installation, ensure the new wax guard fits snugly. If it seems loose, remove, discard, and replace it with a new one. Remember, wax guards should not be reused.


Summary Our Genuine Cerustop Filters are a must-have accessory for your hearing aid, providing you with the ease and comfort of maintaining optimal device performance. Order now and experience the difference in hearing aid care!

Genuine Cerustop wax guards Phonak Unitron Widex 100 Filters Special bundle

SKU: 098-0405
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