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  • Alarm clock with night light bed shaker: loud alarm clock is equipped with a shaker, with strong vibration amplitude and synchronous flashing lights. It has been specially designed for heavy sleepers, hearing impaired, elderly people and deaf people. Take care of you day and night. The extended 1.5m shaker with cable is long enough to fit under a pillow or mattress.


  • LED mirror display: display size is 8.7 x 15.8 cm, the large digital screen is very clear, even without glasses, you can see the numbers clearly from a distance or opposite the bedroom, the stylish mirror design can not only decorate your bedroom and living room, but can also be used as a make-up mirror.


  • Dual USB Output and Storage Function :  Two USB charging ports are compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, Kindle or various USB-powered devices. The built-in battery can keep the time and different settings unchanged when the external power supply is interrupted (the time is not displayed after the external power supply has been disconnected to avoid repeating the settings next time).


  • Adjustable Brightness and Snooze Button 3 Dimming Modes: Can adjust the display brightness automatically according to the ambient light, or you can manually adjust three brightness levels: high, medium and low or night mode. Touch the large snooze button to temporarily turn it off. By default, you will be reminded again after 5 minutes. You can also set it yourself, and you can adjust it within 5-60 minutes.


  • Simple and easy to use : Digital alarm clock is easy to set up and the packaging includes an English guide to look up, making it the perfect gift for family, friends and children. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Live SL100 Alarm clock with extra light and bed shaker

SKU: SL-1000
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