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Sleeping is the body’s way of recharging. After using up so much energy throughout the day, your body and mind need rest. Noises, such as your partner snoring, traffic noise and loud hotels disrupt a night of otherwise restful sleep. Our sleep ear plugs effectively reduce noise to a level that makes it easy to drift off to sleep.


Provides you with a perfect seal and comfortable fit, and offers the correct level of noise reduction regardless of the application. Oto-eco custom made earplugs are waterproof, can be cleaned after every use and provide you with a solid ear and noise protection for many years. 


Comfortable to Wear All Night

At Ellinides hearing centres we hollow out the body of the sleep earplugs so that they flex with your movement, you'll never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when you have them in your ears as you sleep. 


Safe for Nightly Use

We take your safety as seriously as we take your comfort, Oto-eco custom is made with medical grade silicone which is easy to clean, fully hygienic and is safe to wear for long durations. 


Still Hear What's Important

Our custom made earplugs Oto-eco for sleeping are designed to reduce out noises such as snoring, traffic, hotel noise and general nuisances. However, they are not designed to block out everything so you will still be able to hear your alarm or emergency sounds. 

Oto-eco custom ear protection for noise and sleep

SKU: PROT04943
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