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Charging adapter and USB connection: the LED digital alarm clock is powered by an integrated power cable (USB cable). This mirror alarm clock comes with an EU charging adapter.


There is a USB port on the back of the alarm clock, it is for charging mobile phones, tablets or MP3. This modern clock is equipped with a CR2032 backup battery to maintain the alarm settings.


Vibration and volume are adjustable: the vibration alarm clock with buzzer is adjustable in 3 levels. You can easily set it to your preferred alarm method (vibrator, only buzzer or both).


Even if you have a heavy sleep, the Super Bed Shaker and Loud Buzzer can wake you up on time. The volume can be adjusted from 92 dB to 110 dB.


Double alarm with snooze function: our digital watch allows you to set 2 separate alarms to plan your time accordingly, make your life easier and more convenient.


If you want to sleep a little more just touch  the "SNOOZE" button on the top, it allows you to sleep another 9 minutes. The alarm clock will ring further and wake you up.


A compact and reliable alarm clock for bedrooms, offices and kitchens.

ROCAM Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Hard of Hearing, Deaf, with bed shaker

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