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Unitron/ Hansaton TV Connector Easy Line 1.1

The TV Connector is a simple plug-and-play interface for TVs and other audio devices, compatible with the direct-connect Unitron Discover and Unitron Moxi All hearing aids. As well as the EXCITE Pro models from Hansaton.

It turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones.

In addition, the streaming of the TV signal via AirStream technology offers you the best-rated sound quality.

The TV Connector transmits the audio signals to both hearing aids simultaneously and can transmit audio signals over a distance of up to 15 meters to an unlimited number of connected listeners.

You can move freely in the room without having to carry or hang other accessories with you.

The TV transmitter is universally compatible, ie it is compatible with both Unitron and Hansaton hearing aids.

Please note:

The TV Connector only transmits mono or stereo signals. Unfortunately, transmission with Dolby Digital or DTS is not possible.

Compatible Unitron or Hansaton hearing aids:

Unitron Moxi B-312 (Blue)

Unitron Moxi BR (Blu)

Unitron Moxi B-RT (Blue)

Unitron Stride M

Unitron Moxi All

Unitron Moxi Move R

Unitron Moxi Jump RT DX (Discover Next Platform)

Unitron Moxi Fit DX (Discover Next Platform)

Hansaton EXCITE Pro (XC Pro)

Unitron / Hansaton TV Connector Easy Line 1.1

SKU: 7613389028263
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