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Made by Unitron delivers the convenience of Made For All connectivity, the freedom to optimise your hearing experiences with easy personalisation options from a mobile app, all while supporting a smooth transition to better hearing now and in the future with Unitron FLEX Upgrade.

Unitron Moxi Blu hearing aids are designed for hassle-free listening. As you move through your day, the hearing aids automatically adjust to your listening environment, enhancing the sounds you want to hear while minimising background noise.


Make a Connection
Being able to interact with our digital world is more than just convenient, it’s vital.
Moxi Blu seamlessly connects via Bluetooth™, so you can stream audio, calls, or digital assistants directly into your hearing aids, controlling your media with just a tap.


Personalisation at a Touch
Make your hearing journey your own with easy personalisation.
The Remote Plus app allows you to boost sound clarity or listening comfort in the moment, as well as select and customise pre-set programs designed for your life.
Your Audiologist at OTOAKOUSTIKI HEARING can make adjustments remotely, so you can have an excellent listening experience without visiting our clinic.


Hearing Aid Details

  • Style: RIC
  • Bluetooth / Wireless: Yes
  • Battery type: Rechargeable
  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium-ion
  • Direct Streaming: iPhone, Android
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-years
  • Loss/Damage Warranty: 12-months*
  • 5% Price Beat Guarantee


Next generation sound performance
Automatically adjusts to your listening environment, enhancing the sounds you want to hear while minimising background noise.
Hassle-free listening allows you to engage in conversation with confidence


Unitron Blu hearing aids - Discounted at OTOAKOUSTIKI HEARING

  1. Made For All connectivity
  2. Two active Bluetooth connections adds to a seamless listening experience
  3. Tap control customisations available at all technology levels for rechargeable Blu hearing aids
  4. Temporarily override automatic programs to boost clarity of speech and reduce noise in specific situations
  5. Six pre-set manual programs that allow more advanced customisations


Unitron Moxi Blu Rechargeable hearing aid

SKU: 050-6407-P2
  • The price is for one hearing aid device

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