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Sophisticated technology at an entry level price

Affordability is no longer a barrier. Shine Rev+ offers advanced technology to help you hear more clearly and comfortably.


A hearing solution everyone will feel good about

With Shine Rev+, you get a high-performance technology thatʼs accessible for all. Plus a complete product family that includes invisible in the ear and behind the ear hearing aids. Itʼs all part of our promise to deliver a hearing experience you will love.


Everyone deserves high-quality technology

With Shine Rev+, you can access hearing instrument technology that helps you hear more clearly, with comfort and without any whistling or other noises.


A closer look at the features



Be focused on whatʼs important. AutoMic adjusts directionality without having to press any buttons. Everything is being done automatically.


AntiShock™ 2

Delivers comfort for loud sounds. AntiShock™ 2 reduces the discomfort caused by sudden loud noises (without completely removing the sounds or making them unrecognizable) to preserve speech comfort and clarity.


Sound Conductor

Gives you clear speech and natural listening.
Sound Conductor balances adaptive features in every listening program.



Unitron Shine Rev+ In the Ear Hearing Aid

SKU: REV00232
€850.00 Regular Price
€650.00Sale Price
  • The price is for one hearing aid and includes the vat.

  • For a free trial call us at 70.000.143

    We will be happy to do a demo and give you all the information you need to know before purchasing.

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