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Discovering the Best Hearing Aids in Paphos: Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers

Meet Andreas Ellinides: The Expert Behind Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers

If you're searching for hearing aids in Paphos, look no further than the Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers, owned by Mr. Andreas Ellinides. With over 20 years of experience in the hearing aid field, Mr. Ellinides is a trusted professional who can help you find the perfect hearing aid solution for your needs.

Owner of Otoakoustiki hearing centers in Paphos delivering a customer's hearing aids

A Member of the American Academy of Audiology and Certified HAP from Sonova

Mr. Andreas is not only a member of the American Academy of Audiology, but he is also a certified HAP from Sonova in Switzerland. This means he is highly skilled in assessing and addressing hearing loss issues, and you can trust him to provide the best possible hearing aid solutions for your needs.

Andreas Ellinides with a happy customer at Paphos hearing centers

Cutting-Edge Hearing Aid Technology at Affordable Prices

At Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers, you'll find the latest technology in hearing aids at the most affordable prices. Mr. Andreas and his team are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the best hearing aid solutions, regardless of their budget.

Unitron full line up of hearing aid models

Comprehensive Hearing Aid Services and Repairs

Not only does Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers offer a wide range of hearing aids, but they also provide repairs for all types of hearing aids. No matter the issue, Mr. Andreas and his team can help get your hearing aid back in working order.

Noise and water custom earplugs for protection

A One-Stop Shop for Hearing Aid Accessories and Protection

Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers doesn't just specialize in hearing aids; they also sell accessories, batteries, noise protection, swimming protection earplugs, and custom earplugs. Whatever your hearing protection needs, you can find it all under one roof.

Andreas Ellinides from Paphos hearing aid centers Inspecting the ear of a customer

Exceptional Client Satisfaction and Friendly Service

Clients of Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers rave about the excellent service and friendly approach provided by Mr. Andreas. As a certified, licensed professional, he is trained evaluate your hearing loss, custom-fit and custom-program hearing aids to each individual's unique hearing profile. Additionally, he is skilled in adjusting, cleaning, and maintaining devices and provides education on proper hearing aid usage.

Andreas Ellinides at Otoakoustiki hearing labs, repairing hearing aids

A Well-Known Hearing Instrument Specialist

Andreas Ellinides is a renowned hearing instrument specialist, a professional who evaluates people with hearing problems and chooses the best hearing aid to improve their condition. Hearing loss is frequently encountered among the elderly, but also in younger people. Although age is the primary cause of hearing loss, there are other causes such as loud noise, infections, tumors, a ruptured eardrum, or an accumulation of excessive earwax in the ear canal.

If you or someone you know is struggling with hearing loss and looking for hearing aids in Paphos, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Andreas Ellinides and the Otoakoustiki Hearing Centers. With their expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to client satisfaction, you can trust them to provide the best hearing aid solutions for your needs.

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